What are some examples of the types of biomes?

1 Answer
Oct 19, 2015

There are many examples of biomes.


Some examples of forest biomes include the tropical subtropical moist broadleaf forests and the taiga. Tropical subtropical moist broadleaf forests are characterized by a high amount of rainfall and little variation in annual temperature. They are generally found around the equator.


Taiga is the world's largest biome. They are found in the north and have low temperatures. Precipitation mainly falls as snow.


Grassland biome examples include savanna and temperate grasslands. Savannas have relatively stable and high temperatures year round. They also typically have a dry season and a wetter season. There is not enough rainfall for a forest, but savannas contain some shrubs and trees as well as grasses.


Temperate grasslands have less rainfall than savannas do and they experience greater variation in temperature when compared to savannas.