What are some signs that global warming is occurring?

1 Answer
Jul 17, 2016

Many signs are now apparent, including rising average annual temperature, sea level rise, and changing ecosystems.


The evidence that global warming is occurring is now overwhelming and includes:

  • concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise causing the natural greenhouse effect to be enhanced.
  • as a result, average Earth's temperature is continuing to rise
  • warmer air means the ocean waters are expanding, glaciers are melting and this is raising global sea levels.
  • the big ice sheets, and smaller ones, are melting back.
  • average ocean temperatures are rising (heat from the atmosphere gets transferred to the oceans).
  • oceans becoming more acidic as excess CO2 from the air is absorbed into the oceans.
  • spring is arriving earlier around the world
  • rainfall distribution patterns are changing.
  • more frequent heat waves are occurring
  • see pic.....

http://www.skepticalscience.com/graphics.php?g=8 image source here