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What are the four hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle? Thanks

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Feb 27, 2018


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The menstrual cycle results from a complicated interplay among several hormones.The four hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are:
1. Follicle stimulating Hormone
2. Estrogen
3. Progesterone
4. Luteinizing hormone

All of these hormones are important for the menstrual cycle to take place.

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Feb 27, 2018


It will be LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone.


As per my information, LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone regulate the menstrual cycle.

LH helps in ovulation in the 14th day. Estrogen helps to increase the thickness of uterine wall and progesterone helps to maintain the thickness. Estrogen helps endometrium development and progesterone helps to maintain the secretory nature of endometrium.


Both LH and FSH helps to secrete estrogen.