What are the important points needed to graph #f(x)=2(x+1)^2-2#?

1 Answer
Nov 5, 2015

The Vertex (-1, -2)


Since this equation is in vertex form, it has already shows the vertex. Your x is -1 and y is -2. (fyi you flip the sign of the x) now we look at your 'a' value how much is the vertical stretch factor. Since a is 2, increase your keypoints by 2 and plot them, starting from the vertex.

Regular key points: (you'll need to multiply the y by a factor of 'a'
~~~~~~x~~~~~~~~ |~~~~~ y ~~~~~~~
right one ~~~~~~~|~~~up one~~~~~
right one ~~~~~~~|~~~up three~~~~~
right one ~~~~~~~|~~~up five~~~~~

remember to also do it for the left side. Plot the points and it should give you a parabolic shape.

Hope that helps