What are the names to each of the following amines: #CH_3-NH-CH_2-CH_3# and #(CH_3CH_2)_3N#?

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Jan 28, 2015

There are two systems of naming amines.

Common Names

Amines are named as alkylamines, with the alkyl groups listed in alphabetical order.

CH₃NHCH₂CH₃ is ethylmethylamine (all one word).

(CH₃CH₂)₃N is triethylamine.


The IUPAC names get complicated.

Symmetrical secondary and tertiary amines

(a) Cite the name of the alkyl groups, preceded by the numerical prefix "di-" or "tri-" as a prefix to the name "azane" (NH₃).

(CH₃CH₂)₃N is triethylazane.

(b) Cite the name of the alkyl groups R, preceded by "di-" or "tri-" and followed directly without a space, by the name "amine".

(CH₃CH₂)₃N is triethylamine.

Unsymmetrical secondary and tertiary amines

(a) as substituted derivatives of azane (NH₃).

CH₃NHCH₂CH₃ is (ethyl)(methyl)azane.

(b) as N-substituted derivatives of a primary amine RNH₂ or a secondary amine R₂NH.

CH₃NHCH₂CH₃ is N-methylethylamine.

(c) by citing the names of all substituent groups in alphabetical order, preceded by appropriate numerical prefixes, and followed directly, without a space, by the class name "amine".

CH₃NHCH₂CH₃ is ethyl(methyl)amine

There is still another system, called the CAS system, but I'm not going to tell you about that one.