Naming Functional Groups

Key Questions

  • The alcohol forms the first part of the name, and the acid forms the second part.

    For example, CH₃COOH + CH₃CH₂OH → CH₃COOCH₂CH₃

    The name consists of two words.

    The first word is the name of the alkyl group in the alcohol.

    If the alcohol is CH₃CH₂OH, the first word is "ethyl".

    The second word is the name of the acid minus "-ic acid" plus "-ate".

    If the acid is CH₃COOH (ethanoic acid), the second word in the name is "ethanoate".

    The complete name of the ester is then "ethyl ethanoate".

  • A functional group is like a family. It is a predictor of sorts. Just like looking at fruit, you know what an apple is going to taste like by looking at it. In chemistry you can see a certain grouping of atoms together and you would be able to predict its reactivity.

    For example, with C=C, this is an alkene and I already can tell that it will react with HBr