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What are the positive and negative effects of the ozone layer?

1 Answer
May 23, 2017


The ozone layer (stratospheric ozone) is necessary to maintain healthy life on Earth; however, tropospheric ozone can be damaging to vegetation and the respiratory systems of many mammals.


There is a common phrase, "Ozone good up high, bad nearby." The ozone layer in the atmosphere (stratospheric ozone) is vital for protecting life on Earth from the Sun's damaging UV rays and regulating the climate on Earth. Without it, most people would be able to get a sunburn in a very short amount of time and genetic mutations causing skin cancer would be very common.

Having ozone ( #O_3#) in the troposphere (the layer of the atmosphere we live in) can be damaging to vegetation and respiratory systems of many mammals. Additionally ozone is a main contributor to smog found in dense urban areas.