What are the possible negative effects of ionizing radiation?

1 Answer
Jul 24, 2014

Possible negative health effects of ionizing radiation include:

• Loss of hair
• Lesions
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Pneumonia
• Thyroid problems
• Cataracts
• Sterility
• Anemia
• Leukemia
• Cancer
• Septic infections
• Chromosome damage
• Mental retardation
• Gene mutations
• Birth defects
• Mental retardation
• Death

Ionizing radiation can damage complex biological molecules and prevent their proper functioning. This can cause a decrease in cell and enzyme activity and can lead to cancer and genetic mutations.

Ionizing radiation produces free radicals that rupture cell membranes. This causes the cells to lose their contents and die. If enough cells die, functions associated with the cells stop.

Death can occur because of the direct loss of vital organs. It can also result from secondary infections caused by the breakdown of the immune system.

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