What are the steps involved in photosynthesis?

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Apr 19, 2016

Light energy + water + carbon dioxide #rightarrow# glucose + oxygen


Photosynthesis is done by the chloroplasts of the plant cells. What happens is that the inorganic molecules (molecules that do not contain both hydrogen and carbon atoms) is converted into organic (molecules that contain both hydrogen and carbon atoms). But there needs to be light/solar energy (from the Sun) in order for this to happen.

In this case, the water and carbon dioxide (which are inorganic molecules) are converted into glucose (a type of carbohydrate, or a simple sugar). Oxygen is just readily present in the environment.

The actual chemical formula for photosynthesis is:
#6CO_2 + 6H_2O rightarrow C_6H_{12}O_6 + 6O_2#

The #rightarrow# signifies the light energy required for photosynthesis to occur