What are the strongest bonds in water?

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Sep 3, 2016


The intramolecular polar covalent bonds in the water molecule are the strongest bonds in each water molecule.


In the water molecule, #"H"_2"O"#, the oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms share electrons in covalent bonds in order to achieve a filled valence shell #(8 e^(-)"for O" and "2"e^(-) "for H")#.These bonds are polar covalent, which means that there is unequal sharing of the electrons. This is because the O atom has a greater negativity than the H atoms, so the O atom shares the electrons unequally, and the shared electrons are held more closely by the O atom. This means that the O end of the water molecule is partially negative #(delta -)#, and the H atoms are partially positive #(delta+)#.

These polar covalent bonds are intramolecular (meaning within the molecule) and are the strongest bonds in water.

The diagram below illustrates the polar covalent bonds between O and H.


The diagram below illustrates the polarity of the water molecule, and the unequal sharing of electrons by O.


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