What are two major shortcomings of the Bohr model of the atom?

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Dec 2, 2015

See explanation.


Bohr model was based on several assumptions, some of them were correct but some others were wrong.

  1. The first wrong assumption made by Bohr is considering the electron orbiting around the nucleus in a circular orbit, however, we know now that this is not correct, because electrons exist in a cloud.
  2. Bohr model is valid only for hydrogen since it has one electron only, however, when it was applied to other elements, the experimental data were different than the theoretical calculations.

Bohr model could me applied however, to Hydrogen-like ions where they have to loose all their electrons except one.

For example: #Ca^(19+), Li^(2+), Be^(3+), etc.#

Here is a video that explains more about Bohr model:
The Bohr Model

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