What did abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass most associate with freedom?

1 Answer
Jul 6, 2017

Dougalss thought justice , lack of poverty, education, equality. were associated with freedom.


Fredrick Douglass felt that the things that prevented freedom were
1. justice is denied.

People can not be free if they live in fear that they can be arrested, fined, or abused unfairly. Only a justice system that is fair and protects individuals will provide freedom to all people.

  1. poverty is enforced.

Poverty is not a lack of freedom, but poverty that is being enforced is a barrier to freedom. Some people are poor as a result of their own choices. This is not a lack of freedom. However an economic and cultural system that keeps a group of people in poverty prevents freedom. The sharecropping system that replaced slavery was a form of slavery because it was structured to keep people in poverty with no way to escape.

  1. ignorance prevails.

Education is a key to freedom. Fredrick Douglass taught himself how to read and this was a key to his achieving freedom. People must be given the ability to think for themselves. Knowledge and information are essential. Slaves were kept ignorant so they would not understand how horrible their conditions were.

  1. Where class oppression occurs.

Freedom can not exists were one class is treated as inferior to another class. A caste system like the Jim Crow laws prevent freedom. Only where true equality exists can freedom exist.