What do you do / can you do when you find the answer to a question is complete nonsense????

No need to explain further I think, but for instance if someone answers that harmful bacteria are called viruses???

1 Answer
Nov 9, 2017


Here's what you can do.


Your approach will actually depend on your status on the site.

if you're a newcomer to Socratic, you won't be able to edit the answer or post an alternative answer, but you can leave a comment in the comments section pointing out the error.

If the original contributor doesn't reply, send me a note or @mention me in the comments section and I'll swing by and deal with the inaccurate answer.

If you're not a newcomer, you can

  • edit the answer to correct the error
  • post an alternative answer and flag the inaccurate one
  • flag and/or report the inaccurate answer
  • leave me a note or @mention me in the comments section

As a side note, the answer that you mentioned as an example was already marked for deletion, so I just went ahead and deleted it now :D