What energy resource produces greenhouse gases when it is used?

1 Answer
Aug 31, 2016

Fossil fuels


If you have natural gas and burn it, you emit carbon dioxide. Although not 100% methane, natural gas can be accepted as methane.

#"CH"_4 + 2"O"_2 -> "CO"_2 + 2"H"_2"O"#

Other fuels (such as petroleum and fuel-oil):

#"Fuel (C, H, S, N, Pb, Hg, ash) " +#

#"Air (78% nitrogen gas + 21% oxygen gas) " ->#

#"Emissions (CO"_2, "H"_2"O", "CO", "NOx", "SOx", "Pb", "Hg", "particulates)" + "ash"#

If you burn wood, you emit #"CO"_2#, too.

If you get electricity from solar, it does not cause any emissions (with the exception of the system fabrication emissions and installation type emissions) during its operation.