What factors limit human population growth?

1 Answer
May 6, 2016

If birth control doesn't limit the human population, famine, war and illness will do.


The human population cannot grow for ever. As the population increases it will be more difficult to feed people, and the search for resourses can induce wars.
High demographic density will put people closer and closer. This will increase the gravity of a microbial contamination or local polution.
Because of that, people will be forced to go to not suitable places as deserts, vulcanos, high mountains or unstable or contaminated soils, rising the propability of accidents.
Then is climate change. Its consequences cannot be predicted for sure, but if the worst predictions are achieved, there will be lots of climate refugies, which as you are seeing as of today, they just will not be accepted easily in other countries, and therefore war can be the result.
With everything in mind it is not probable that the human population will continue to grow much longer at the present rate (about 1 billion each 12 years).