What function do calcium ions perform during the contraction of skeletal muscle?

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Feb 2, 2018


Expose myosin-binding sites on actin filament by displacing the tropomyosin present on actin filament.


Calcium ions released by the sarcoplasmic reticulum play a vital role in contraction of muscles. From sarcoplasmic reticulum these ions#(Ca^(2+))# released into the cytoplasm of the muscle cell, specifically called as sarcoplasm.

In sarcoplasm, #Ca^(2+)# ions attach to one of the three molecules of troponin. This causes the tropomyosin to displace slightly from the actin filaments. This displacement expose the binding sites on the actin filament. Thus myosin heads get instantly attached to the binding sites on actin filament and contraction of muscles occurs.

Displace tropomyosin from actin filaments &

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