What is a and b and c on this graph?

1 Answer
May 10, 2017

a = the activation energy for the forward reaction
b = the activation energy for the reverse reaction
c = the heat of the reaction ( heat absorbed)


The reaction diagram shown is an endothermic reaction.
The energy of the reactants 100 is less than the heat of the products 300.

The heat of the reaction is c the amount of energy absorbed by the reaction on completion.

a is the heat of activation for the forward endothermic reaction.
it requires 400 for the reaction to occur. 100 of these are then released as the reaction goes to completion, Though the movement from a to the products is exothermic the net reaction is endothermic.

b is the heat of activation energy required for the reverse reaction.
The net reaction going from the products back to the reactants is an exothermic reaction. Though it requires putting 100 in to start the reaction, 400 are released for a net of 300 released in the total reaction making the reaction exothermic.