What is a real number coefficient?

2 Answers
Jun 19, 2018

A real number modifier of a variable in an expression.


A "coefficient" is any modifying value associated with a variable by multiplication. A "real" number is any non-imaginary one (a number multiplied by the square root of negative one).

So, except when dealing with complex expressions involving imaginary numbers, pretty much any 'factor' you see associated with a variable in an expression will be a "real number coefficient".

Jun 30, 2018

See below:


Almost al coefficients that you'll see will be real numbers. Coefficients are simply numbers in front of variables.

In the monomial #3x^4#, the coefficient is #3#, because it is what's multiplying the variable.

Simply put, real numbers are numbers that can be plotted along a number line, excluding any imaginary parts.

Numbers we deal with everyday like #3, 6, 41, 279# and even a million, are all examples of real numbers.

Hope this helps!