What is a word that modifies a noun?

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Oct 18, 2016

An adjective modifies nouns.


Adjectives are 'describing' words that modify or add qualities to nouns.


That is a beautiful sculpture.

Her little dog has a loud bark.

The golden sky cast a spell on the entranced couple.

Words that can modify a noun are:
articles, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and pronouns.


The articles are:
DEFINITE ARTICLE: the; used to identify a specific noun.
INDEFINITE ARTICLES: a (used before a noun starting with a consonant sound), an (used before a noun starting with a vowel sound); used to identify a singular general noun.

ADJECTIVES: An adjective describes or qualifies a noun (a big dog, a small dog); adjectives are used before the noun or after a linking verb (This is an easy subject. or This is hard.); two or more adjectives can be used together (a beautiful, young lady). There are hundreds of adjectives, some samples are: happy, sad, green, white, special, somber, chewy, dark, heavy, sweet, lucky, wonderful, etc.

ADVERBS: An adverb, which is used to modify verbs, can also modify adjectives, which is additional information about a noun; for example a very happy birthday, his frequently long speeches, a simply delicious dish, etc.

POSSESSIVE NOUNS are used to indicate ownership, possession, origin or purpose. A possessive noun is formed by adding an apostrophe -s ('s) to the end of the word, or just an apostrophe to plural nouns that already end with -s ('); for example, the book's cover or the books' covers; the child's coat or the children's coats; etc.

ATTRIBUTIVE NOUNS are nouns used to describe other nouns (nouns used as adjectives), for example horse farm, house plant, vegetable broth, school books, shoe lace, etc.

The modifying pronouns are:
POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES, my, your, his, her, its, our, their.
A possessive adjective takes the place of possessive noun indicating that the noun belongs to someone or something: for example, his bicycle, her birthday, its leaves, their house, etc.