What is an example of a fluid flow practice problem?

1 Answer
Oct 1, 2015

Here is a nice practice problem I have given for you below - it is an application to every day life of blood flowing through a needle into a patient's vein in a hospital.
Try the problem, post your answer, and I will mark it for you once you completed it.


How high above the point of a needle must a container of blood plasma be placed to ensure the plasma enters a patient's vein at #3cm^3//min# through a #50 mm# long needle with internal diameter of #0,55mm#?
Assume the pressure of the blood in the vein is #15mmHg#.
The density of the blood is #1,05g//cm^3# and its viscosity is #1,5xx10^(-3)Pa.s#
You may use laminar flow.