What is one advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?

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Feb 15, 2016

One advantage is that they have different types of resistance against different treats.


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Sexual Reproduction-
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As we know that sexual reproduction needs 2 parents.
And when two different bodies mate with different genetic inherent the offspring we get is a mixture of the 2 parents which mated so it gets the characters of both the parents and also the ability to fight some diseases they were prone to.
As the immune system remembers the way of killing the disease causing microbe.

Asexual Reproduction-
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And in Asexual Reproduction the offspring gets only the advantage of the single parent from which it came out. As in the case of some plants and microbes such as Amoeba, Paramecium etc the offspring does not has the ability to fight various other diseases. Which the organism in the Sexual Reproduction has.