What is restoration ecology?

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Jul 26, 2016

Restoration ecology is a branch of ecology that aims to restore parts of the environment.


Humans have impacted the world in many ways. Now we starting to see those effects, like degraded ecosystems, such as kelp forests along the California coast or the Amazon rainforest. Restoration ecology is aiming to restore some of these damaged ecosystems.

Jan 6, 2017

Restoration ecology ( biology ) is the scientific study of ecological restoration.


Restoration ecology may be viewed as a sub discipline of conservation biology i.e. the scientific study of how to protect and restore biodiversity and restoration a part of the resulting conservation movement.

Ecological restoration is an intentional activity that initiates and accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability.

The practice of ecological restoration involves renewing and restoring degraded , damaged or destroyed ecosystems and habitat in the environment, by active human intervention and action.

The study of restoration ecology has only become a robust independent scientific discipline over the last two decades. The commercial applications of ecological restoration have tremendously increased in recent years.