What is the collective noun for pegasi? I know for a fact that the plural noun is pegasi but what is the collective noun?

1 Answer

There is no standard word.


Pegasus, from ancient Greek mythology, was a singular god-like creature whose father was Poseidon, god of the seas.

In more modern times, where writers introduced the idea of the pegasus being a species of mythological creature, they still tended to show up here or there and not in an entire group.

And so there isn't a standard word to use for this.

Which now brings us to the question of what you could call a group of pegasi.

There are a few ways you could go with this:

  • a focus could be made on the horse-like features of the pegasi and so use a word such as "herd".

  • a focus could be made on the bird-like features of the pegasi and so use a word such as "flock".

  • that said, a group of unicorns, which are arguably more horse-like than pegasi, are called a "blessing". And so a focus on a different aspect of pegasi could be used to guide a term. Something that comes to mind for me when thinking about Pegasus is his nobility, so perhaps "a nobility of pegasi".

  • and lastly, with no standard term, you can coin one. So long as you use it with conviction and make it clear that the word refers to a group of pegasi, you'll be fine.