What Is the difference between common noun and concrete noun? They both seem to be the same thing.

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Mar 16, 2018

Not same.


Common noun is common, like all

I eat Banana ==it is WRONG.


Because Banana is a common noun. There are a lot of Banana could be around us. So to identify them, we use an article before it.

I eat a Banana. CORRECT.

But, He is Quazi who is teaching us professional English.
We are not putting an article before Quazi, a noun.


Because this noun is not a COMMON noun, because you will not find this noun many around you like your name --Jone. ( assume)

This has a special name that is called --what?
Proper noun or you say CONCRETE noun., clear?

Hope it works.

Mar 16, 2018

A common noun is a non-specific noun, whereas a concrete noun is a physical thing (for lack of a more general term).


A common noun is a word that describes a type of object or concept(1) (e.g. police, town, train, emotions, etc.), as opposed to proper nouns (e.g. Lincoln). A concrete noun is something one can physically observe (dirt, air, stars, etc.), as opposed to abstract nouns (e.g. love, hate, etc.)(2).

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