What is the difference between Self-esteem and Self-efficacy?

1 Answer
May 9, 2017

The two concepts are somewhat related but each means something different.


#color(blue)("Self-esteem")# is the level of self-respect and worth one has for himself.

Someone who does not feel happy about the way she looks may have low self-esteem and feel she is not worthy of anyone's love or acceptance. This person most likely deems outer beauty as being important in her life and will probably do everything to look beautiful while still not 'feeling' beautiful.

Another person might not care too much about how she looks and not put as much effort into their outer appearance. In this case, she might still have a higher self-esteem than the other person who frets over her outer appearance while still not feeling pretty enough. Both of these persons regard outer appearance differently and this in turn affects their self-esteems differently.

#color(red)("Self-efficacy")# is the belief in our ability to succeed and our level of competence. This idea was developed by the psychologist, Albert Bandura.

Take for instance scoring high on the SATs. A person who has a high self-efficacy will perceive himself as performing well on the SAT. A person's percieved ability to succeed can also be influenced by their actual capabilities to do well, social factors such as seeing others similar to them performing well or others complimenting them on being smart enough or intelligent enough to do well.