What is the frontal lobe of the brain?

1 Answer
Aug 30, 2014

There are 5 lobes of the cerebrum (the outer layer of the brain)

Frontal lobe
The frontal lobe is involved in
• voluntary motor function
• concentration
• verbal communication
• decision making
• planning
• personality

Parietal Lobe
The parietal lobe is involved in
• somatosensory processing
• evaluating shape and texture of objects being touched

Temporal Lobe
The temporal lobe is involved in
• hearing
• interpreting speech & language, smell

Occipital Lobe
• Processes incoming visual information
• stores visual memories

This lobe is located under the temporal lobe
It is involved in
• memory
• Interpretation of taste
More recently discovered roles of this island is to anticipate the future of the person's "body sense." Brains which can do this more quickly and efficiently are able to perform skilled motor functions -- such as Olympic sports -- more skillfully.