What is the function of the carbon cycle?

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Apr 9, 2017

The carbon cycle is important because all living things are made of carbon.


The carbon cycle is an exchange of carbon throughout the earth between the atmosphere, oceans, ecosystems and geosphere. If the carbon cycle fails, then life begins to break down, causing life to end.

While carbon dioxide is only a very small part of atmosphere, it plays a large role in the energy balance of the planet.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts like a blanket over the planet, trapping radiations and heat important for the sustainable of life.

Apr 12, 2017
  • Carbon is considered as basis of life .


  • Because of carbon's ability to form rings or chains forms the backbone for complex organic molecules - carbohydrate , lipids ,proteins, and nucleic acids of cells .

  • The availability of carbon in the environment is , crucial factor in maintenance of plants and animals .

  • This makes essential that the carbon '' locked up '' within organisms be returned to the environment for reuse.