What is the function of the lungs in connection with the circulatory system?

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Feb 2, 2016


The lungs and circulatory system are very closely connected and rely on each other to function properly.


All of the systems in our body are necessary for our survival and work together so we can function as humans do.

However, two of the most interconnected systems are the circulatory and respiratory systems; specifically the heart and lungs.

It is the hearts job to pump blood throughout the body, this includes oxygenated blood to all of our organs and extremities so they can use the oxygen to make energy and function and deoxygenated blood so it can become reoxygenated. The heart must work very closely with the lungs for this to happen.

When air enters our lungs after we take a breath, oxygen travels down through the bronchi, bronchioles and into the alveoli (tiny sacs with very thin walls in our lungs)

enter image source here

The walls of the alveoli are so thin they allow oxygen to pass right through and attach to our red blood cells. The oxygen attaches to the red blood cells and travels to the heart where it is pumped out through arteries and arterioles to the rest of our body.

The cells in our body take the oxygen, use it to make energy for us and then produce carbon dioxide. The smallest of our blood vessels (capillaries) have very thin walls just like the alveoli, so oxygen and carbon dioxide can be passed through into/out of our cells.

After dropping off their oxygen, the red blood cells pick up the carbon dioxide (or waste) and return back to the heart through our veins. The heart then sends the deoygenated blood back to the lungs, we breathe out, and the whole process begins again.

It is the complex and delicate relationship between our lungs and circulatory system that supplies the materials our organs and body parts need to function. The lungs play a huge role in our circulatory system!

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