What is the function of the lungs in connection with the circulatory system?

1 Answer
Mar 16, 2018

To provide Oxygen and remove Carbon Dioxide.


One of the most important functions of the circulatory system is to bring Oxygen to the cells necessary for cellular respiration.

the lungs provide the Oxygen that the circulatory system needs. In the capillaries in the avoloi in the lungs, Oxygen moves from the higher concentration in the lungs to the lower concentration in the blood by the process of diffusion.

Another function of the blood is to remove waste products from the cells. One of the waste products of cellular respiration is Carbon Dioxide. The waste Carbon Dioxide is carried to the lungs where diffusion causes the Carbon Dioxide to leave the high concentration of the blood to the lower concentration of the lungs.

The lungs are vital to the functions of the Circulatory system of providing Oxygen for cellular respiration and removing the waste product of cellular respiration Carbon Dioxide.