What is the greatest threat to plant diversity?

1 Answer
Jun 18, 2016

Planting crops of the same type on a region of land.


Sometimes, human intervention can be one of the most threatening things that can be the one that is responsible for the lack of plant diversity. Thus, individuals proclaim that plant diversity can be lacked if the same type of plants are planted in the same area. In a natural forest where a diverse amount of plants once lived, humans can decide to cut down those plants and make room for the plants that can be used for beneficiary purposes for humans, such as lumber woods.

Planting the same plants can make the once-stable ecosystem into a much fragile place. I say this because if there was an epidemic that might have affected one of the crop of the many plants out there, it could have supposedly eradicate the others that were also available there too. This can happen because these plants are mostly genetically identical to each other (in other words, there's fewer variations).

Of course there are many threats to the plant diversity in an ecosystem, but this is a possible reason as to why it may happen.