What is the ideal gas law used for?

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Jun 7, 2018

see below


You can use one of two formulation of the ideal gas law according with what you want know.
#P xx V = n xx R xx T#
where P = absolute pressure
V= volum
n = number of mol = mass (in gramms)/ molecular Mass
R is the universal costant of ideal gas = 0.082 L x Atm /(mol K) or 8,31 J /(mol K)
T = absolute temperature in K
This is usefull if you want find a parameter andyou know all the others

the second formulation is
#P_1 xx V_1/T_1 =P_2 xx V_2/T_2#
it allows to see the change of a parameter (P, V or T) if you know the others