What is the metric system?

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Apr 6, 2016

Metric system is decimal system of measurement introduced to ease calculations, which were earlier difficult to process.


Earlier systems used units (1) of length such as mile, yard, feet; (2) of weight pounds and ounces; (3) acres, square miles and (4) of volume such as gallons bushels, fluid ounces etc.

They had a little problem as it was not easy to add them up as relation between them were not uniform. For example as #1# mile is #8# furlong and each furlong has #220# yards, it was easy to add for example - 3 mile 6 furlongs 140 yards plus 5 miles 4 furlongs and 110 yards.

Metric system was created so that different quantities are easy to add using simple decimal system. In this, higher unit always comprised of 10 (or its powers) of lower unit and the system was applied to all measurements that of length, area, weight and volume. As such one could just add or multiply the numbers easily.

Note - However, time was kept outside metric system as we were too used to this.