What is the molecular shape of C2Cl2?

1 Answer
Jan 12, 2015

The molecular shape of the #C_2Cl_2# molecule is linear.

Starting with its Lewis structure, the #C_2Cl_2# molecule has a total of 22 valence electrons, 4 from each of the two carbon atoms and 7 from each of the two chlorine atoms. Thus, its Lewis structure must account for 22 valence electrons.


So, the two carbon atoms are bonded to the two chlorine atoms through a single bond, and through a triple bond to each other. The triple bond accounts for #"3" * "2 = 6"# electrons, while the two single bonds add #"2" * "2 = 4"# electrons.

The 3 lone pairs around each of the two chloride atoms add up to #"2" * "(3" * "2) = 12"# electrons, which brings the total to the required 22 electrons.

According to VSEPR Theory, the molecular geometry of the molecule will be linear, since each of the two carbon atoms has a coordination number and a steric number equal to 2, with a bond angle of #"180"^@#.