What is the name of our nearest black hole?

1 Answer
Apr 6, 2018

V616 Monocerotis about #2800# ligght years.


As black holes do not emit any radiation, they're completely invisible, and there is no easy way to see them in the sky.

However, it is believed that every large galaxy has a massive black hole at its center and hence there is one at the center of our milky way, about #27000# light years away and next in Andromeda galaxy i.e. about #2.5# million light years away.

Closest known black hole is however V616 Monocerotis, better known as V616 Mon, about 9-13 times solar mass and is about #2800# light years away. You cannot see it, but this one is understood due to its gravitational affect as it is located in a binary system with a star with about half the mass of the Sun.