What is the progression of the number of question to reach another level? It seems that the number of questions goes up rapidly as the level increase. How many questions for level 1? How many questions for level 2 How many questions for level 3 ......

1 Answer
Jun 20, 2017

Well, if you look in the FAQ, you'll find that the trend for the first 10 levels is given:

I suppose if you really wanted to predict higher levels, I fit the number of karma points in a subject to the level you reached, and got:

where #x# is the level in a given subject.

On the same page, if we assume that you only write answers, then you get #bb(+50)# karma for every answer you write. Now, if we regraph this as the number of answers written vs. the level, then:

Keep in mind that this is empirical data, so I'm not saying this is actually how it is. But I think it's a good approximation.

Furthermore, we have not taken into account what happens when you edit someone else's answer to improve it (#+20# karma), or when someone likes your answer (#+ 100 xx "contribution %"#).