What is wrong with the answer choices to the question: How much did you like your statistics course this semester? (A.) Not at all (B.) A lot (C.) It was awesome!

1 Answer
Jan 1, 2015

The choices do not encompass all possibilities, and are not on the same scale.

When devising a Likert scale, one must be certain to include a wide range of possible responses so that any respondent has something that they can feel represents their opinion.

In the example given, there is no possibility for liking it a little bit. In addition, "it was awesome" is a description of the course, and not a quantity of liking something.

Instead of the example given, one might consider:
a) Not at all
b) A little bit
c) A good amount
d) A lot
e) Completely

Or something like that.

Alternatively, you could change the question to ask what you thought about the class:

a) It was terrible
b) It was OK
c) it was good
d) it was great
e) It was awesome

In both of these examples, the choices form a continuum that answers the given question and provide a range of responses from low to high!