What measurements would mankind need to take in order to protect our rivers, brooks and reservoirs?

1 Answer
Aug 16, 2017


Simple things like not littering, adapt to efficient water usage and educate the ignorant.


Many of our water resources are already on the brink of destruction. At this point, water can be considered as an incredibly valuable resource and many people take it for granted.

I will list and (briefly) explain some of the methods that humans can take to protect our water resource.

  1. Avoid littering and clean the bodies of water. Simple as it is, by polluting the source, we not only keep ourselves safe as we rely on the source, but other organisms that rely on said source.
  2. Adapt to efficient water usage. We often use too much water for our needs. Things such as avoiding long showers/baths, turning off the water when not in current use, and so on. One should also repair/replace broken
  3. Educate the ignorant. Most people who disregard the the concept of saving our water is more often than not, unaware of the dire situation we are in.

Although people may be aware of the crisis, people may be lazy or simply do not care/bother to put in the effort. However, like our atmosphere, it is way better to start caring than when it is too late.

Hope this helps :)