What part of speech is "dragon wings"?

a. compound noun
b. pronoun phrase
c. adverbial phrase
d. compound adjective?

1 Answer
Mar 12, 2018

It is a compound noun.


Nouns name a person, place or thing. Compound nouns are combinations of two words that form a new noun. They can have spaces, hyphens, or combined as one word. Here are some examples:

#"tooth + paste = toothpaste"#
#"washing + machine = washing machine"#
#"green + house = greenhouse"#
#"passer + by = passer-by"#

As you can see, they can be combinations of pretty much any types of speech, as long as the resulting word is a person, place, or a thing.

#"dragon's wings" " = " "possessive noun + noun"#

Since "dragon's wings" is a combination that names a thing, it is a compound noun.