What should I do if I find inaccurate content on Socratic?

2 Answers
Apr 7, 2015

If the inaccuracies are relatively easy to repair, edit the answer and note the correction.

If the inaccuracies are major, flag the answer as incorrect including a comment.

(At least that is my opinion)

Apr 7, 2015

If you find content on Socratic that seems inaccurate, you should:

  • First check that the inaccuracy is hindering the student's ability to learn. (Sometimes, ease of understanding is more important than exact accuracy.)

If the answer seems too inaccurate to be helpful, you should:

  • Fix it! Use previous knowledge or do a bit of research, and then edit the answer, make the necessary corrections, and leave a note explaining your fix.
  • If you can't fix it or are unsure where to start, flag the answer with the "check for inaccuracy" flag below the answer:

enter image source here

  • Look for patterns of inaccuracy around the site. If you notice one person consistently writes inaccurate answers or one topic is consistently explained differently, let us know and we'll investigate.