What sound waves can humans hear?

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Aug 11, 2018

In the range of #20-20000 Hz#


Human can hear in the range of #20-20000 Hz#

The lower frequencies are heard at the apex of cochlea whereas the higher frequencies are heard at the basal turn of Cochlea.

Sound conduction pathway conducts sound to the cochlea,where microphonics are created due to shearing stress created between Tectorial membrane and inner hair cells of organ of Corti.

As a result of which sound energy is converted to electrical energy which is conducted via auditory nerve to auditory centre in Cerebral cortex (Broadman's area #41# located in superior temporal gyrus)

But remember speech frequency lies in 500-2000 Hz only,that's why during audiometric tests,tuning forks of 512 Hz is preferred as a single as an average value!