What stage would a cell with chromatin and a nucleolus be in?

1 Answer
Nov 21, 2016

This would technically be the Interphase, but some argue it may be the very beginning of Prophase.


In the Cell Cycle, there are two key parts.

1.) Interphase (80% of cell cycle)

2.) Mitotic Phase/Cytokenisis (20% of cell cycle)

These two phases are very different and have different purposes. In Interphase, the cell (which has one nucleolus with long strands of chromatin inside of it) undergoes normal cell growth. It also replicates its DNA for the Mitotic Phase, where the cell physically divides.

In the Interphase, you have three subphases:

1.) G1
2.) S
3.) G2

In the G1 phase, the cell grows. In S, it replicates DNA, and in G2, organelles are made. This is the only period where the cell has a nucleolus and chromatin inside of it.