What types of plants use a C4 pathway, where would you find these plants?

1 Answer
Jun 21, 2016

Plants that grow in high temperatures and intense sunlight.


C4 plants are adapted to situations in which the stomata of the leaves (the pores required for gas exchange) are partially closed during the day. This happens at high temperatures and intense sunlight ; (partially) closing the stomata in these situations prevents loss of water.

C4 plants have an alternate mode of carbon fixation and are therefore able to bind higher concentrations of #CO_2# than the 'normal' C3 plants. Meaning that C4 plants need less open stomata to get the #CO_2# concentrations required for photosynthesis.

There are about 20 families of C4 plants, among which several members of the grass family . Other examples are sugarcane and corn .