What values did Emperor Kangxi believe that a good emperor should have?

1 Answer

Respect, esteem, peace, love, honour, integrity, justice and generosity.


In 1610, Kangxi from the sixth dynasty of Qin, managed to issue Sacred Edict of the Kangxi Emperor in spite of his young age.

Here the sixteen maxims from enter link description here

  • Highly esteem filial piety and brotherly submission to give due weight
    to social relations.
  • Behave generously toward your family to promote harmony and peace.
  • Cultivate peace within the neighborhood to prevent quarrels and
  • Respect farming and the cultivation of mulberry trees to ensure
    sufficient clothing and food.
  • Be moderate and economical in order to avoid wasting away your
  • Give weight to schools and academies in order to honor the scholar.
  • Wipe out strange beliefs to elevate the correct doctrine.
  • Elucidate the laws in order to warn the ignorant and obstinate.
  • Show propriety and tactful courtesy to elevate customs and manners.
  • Work diligently in your chosen callings to quiet your ambitions.
  • Instruct sons and younger brothers to keep them from doing wrong

  • Hold back false accusations to safeguard the good and honest.

  • Warn against sheltering deserters lest you share their punishment.
  • Promptly and fully pay your taxes lest you need be pressed to pay them.
  • Join together in hundreds and tithings to end theft and robbery.
  • Free yourself from enmity and anger to show respect for your body and life.