What volume will 2.3 kg of nitrogen gas occupy at STP?

1 Answer
Jun 14, 2014

According to Avogadro's Law a gas will always have a volume of #22.4 L/ mol# at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP).

To determine the volume of 2.3 kg of nitrogen gas we would need to convert the mass of nitrogen to moles and then covert moles to liters at STP.

We begin be converting the mass to moles.

2.3 kg of nitrogen is 2300 g.

#2300g x (1 mol)/(14.1 g) = 163.1 mol N_2#

Now we can convert moles to liters.

#163.1 mol N_2 x (22.4 L)/(1 mol) = 3,653.4 L N_2#

I hope this was helpful.