Avogadro's Law

Key Questions

  • Avogadro's law investigates the relationship between the amount of gas (n) and volume (v). It's a direct relationship, meaning the volume of a gas is directly propotional to the number of moles the gas sample present.

    The constants in this relationship would be the temperature(t) and pressure(p) The equation for this law is:

    n1/v1 = n2/v2

    The law is important because helps us save time and money in the long-run. Methanol is a versatile chemical which can be used in processes for fuel cell production and biodiesel manufacture. In the industrial synthesis of methanol, knowing the temperature and pressure makes it easier for experts to calculate molar amounts that permit good estimation of stoichiometric relationships in the system.

  • Answer:

    This was proposed as one of the earliest gas laws...


    Avogadro's hypothesis proposes that at the SAME TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE, EQUAL VOLUMES of gases contain the same number of particles....

    And so....#Vpropn#...where #n="number of gaseous particles..."#

    WE can use these ideas to formulate #"Avogadro's number"#, the number of particles in ONE mole of substance…#N_A=6.022xx10^23*mol^-1#.