What was the goal of U.S. isolationists after World War I?

2 Answers
Jun 15, 2017

They wanted to defend America first and foremost


Isolationists thought America should not intervene in foreign affairs and should be focused on domestic issues to improve American people's lives. Their doctrine can be summed up by Lindbergh's motto "America First". It was demonized during the Cold War and eventually took a negative connotation associated with xenophobia.

Jun 16, 2017

The United States wanted to avoid becoming involved in another expensive European war


World War I ended up being very expensive to the United States. The countries in Europe were unable and unwilling to repay the loans made to them during the war. The cost of sending millions of soldiers to fight cost American in terms of lives and material.

America correctly viewed the Europeans as being vulnerable to another war and America didn't want to become involved again.

Socialism and Communism that came from Europe after World War I threatened to change the existing American Culture. Americans hoped that by isolating themselves from Europe they could also isolate themselves from these cultural influences.

Americans thought that the vast Pacific and Atlantic Oceans could protect America from both the conflicts and culture of Europe.

Americas goal in becoming isolationist was to protect America from becoming involved in another European war, ( it didn't work). Also America wanted to protect itself from socialism and communism coming from Europe.