What was the result of the battle at Shiloh?

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Jun 24, 2017

The overall result was that Union Forces were able to continue their advance into the Western part of the Confederacy.


The surprise attack of the Confederate forces under General Sidney Johnson on April 6 was designed to destroy part of the Union forces and prevent the further advance of the Union troops into the south particularly the critical railroad junction at Corinth Mississippi.

The attack failed and the Union forces were able to continue their advance. The Union forces after the battle were able to advance into Mississippi and capture Corinth and its rail junctions.

The southern forces lost 10,699 soldiers out of a total of 40, 335 26% of their total forces. It is said that the south never smiled again after Shiloh. The casualties were unexpectedly high on both sides. But the south was not able to replace the loses at Shiloh including the lose of their best commander, Sidney Johnson.

The Northern forces under U.S. Grant lost 13,047 out of an initial force of 44, 894 29% of the initial force. However General Buell reinforced Grant with 17, 918 men on the second day of the battle. These reinforcement and support from union gunboats turned the tide of battle on the second day of the battle April 7. forces the South to retreat.

One temporary result of the battle of Shiloh was the removal of Grant as the leader of the Union troops.

The battle of Shiloh was critical to the conquest of the Western part of the Confederacy by the Union forces.