What would be the net ionic equation of a solution of sodium acetate and a solution of calcium chloride and a solution of mercury(I) nitrate are mixed together?

I'm also having trouble figuring out what the product would be in the overall equation.

1 Answer
Jul 25, 2017

#2Hg^+ + 2Cl^- = Hg_2Cl_2#


Sodium ion is always inert. calcium ions can react with several ions to. Calcium ions can react with several ions to form carbonate but not with nitrate or chloride. nitrate ions are only weak oxidants, but cannot oxidize Hg(I) to Hg(II). Cloride ions are weak reducing, but here don't react in this way. #Cl^-# can form precipitate with #Pb^(2+)# in cold water, with #Ag^+# and some less common cations (like #Tl^+#) . Acetate ions are weak base but in this solution cannot do nothing. Hg^+ dimerizes forming a precipitate with cloride ions.