What would you suggest we do to reduce greenhouse gases?

2 Answers
Feb 11, 2016

Phase out coal, introduce carbon taxes, more renewable energy power, and more "green cars" like hybrids and EV cars.


The electric power sector still uses a lot of coal around the world, but many countries have decided to phase the use of coal out. Many countries are also switching to wind and solar energy for power generation. The other big GHG area is in transportation where oil (as gasoline) is still the predominate fuel that run internal combustion engines. Some countries are starting to move to hybrids and various kinds of battery powered E-vehicles. Carbon taxes would put a price on emitting GHGs in the air and would therefore provide an incentive for people and industry to find alternatives.

Feb 18, 2016

Plant a tree, or an acre of trees if you have time.


Since the time Europeans arrived in the New World, we have lost about 4,000,000,000 ACRES of trees. Trees are the primary way of removing carbon from the atmosphere so this massive amount of lost forest (most of it rainforest) is a loss we cannot really make up for without replanting it.