When do i put the apostrophe, after and before the S? I know if it's owned by someone, you put it before the s, but why do you put it after, like s'?

1 Answer
Jul 6, 2016

See explanation.


The possesive form depends on the noun you want to change into a possesive form.

If the noun does not end with s then you add 's (apstrophe s):

dog - dog's
boy - boy's

If the noun ends with s (mostly in plural forms) you add only apostrophe:

boys - boys'
teachers - teachers'

As you see sometimes both forms are possible (boy's - boys') but they have different meaning.

The form 's indicates a possesive form of a singular noun (boy's = of a boy (one person)).

While the form s' indicates possesive form of a plural noun (boys' = of boys (more than one person))